Company Profile

Sparkling Import – export Trading is a legally registered business entity that has been in the import –export business in Ethiopia since -2007 being owned by a young entrepreneur registering as a sole proprietorship company.

The company has grown successfully within a short period of time. This success is the result of hard work, excellent customer service and adherence to product quality standard . Sparkling Trading was upgraded and re- established in 2020 as private limited company (plc.) according to the commercial law of Ethiopia having the following main business objectives :-

  • To export agricultural products such as ;-coffee, grain, oil seeds, pulse and spice,   to the international market
  • To engage  in  commercial  farming and  agro processing  business activities
  • To construct and  lease  commercial buildings and residential  apartments  in major cities and  other urban areas of the country.
  • To engage with mining activities and mineral exploration
  • To construct   hotels, lodges, guesthouses and to provide   tour operation, car rental  and  travel agent service
  • To engage with the manufacturing of  metals and metal products
  • To create business partnership with foreign companies and to  work as a  commission agent for local and international business companies
  • To engage in the  production of  industrial  products , to distribute and sell  such   industrial products to wholesalers and consumers.

 is a  young and fast growing   import –export trading company   organized  with  a well versed , highly qualified  and  dedicated  professional staffs that have rich experience in  the import -export market and international trade. It has currently  9 regular employees who are working full time and  part time supporting staffs that work  as a business partner –especially, in  the  product  procurement,  supply  and logistic network of our business transaction.

We  are  the  member of  Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association ,Ethiopian pulse ,  oil seeds, spice processors and  exporters  Association   and Ethiopian Chamber of  Commerce and Sectorial Association .

We have   a  very  good  and  strong relationship with   product suppliers-producers and  Farmers cooperative unions. This will   enable  us   to  ensure reliable and continuous   product supply  to our customers within the required  time period.


To satisfy our stakeholders need   by  providing  world class quality  products   and  excellent   service to our customers with the employment of  highly qualified  personnel and advanced  technology.


To be the leading import-export company and the preferred premium exporter of agricultural products in Ethiopia by the year 2031.


  • To achieve a consolidated, sustained and continuous growth  in the international market that ensures long-term business success.”
  • To maintain long term relation with our customers and business partners by providing  quality product  with best  price and excellent  customer service that meets their actual need and requirement.


  • Service Excellence
    We make every effort to achieve the maximum possible standards and to deliver the best service to our customers, suppliers and business partners.
  • Teamwork
    Teamwork is at the heart of our organizational culture. All of our truly important achievements can be accomplished through team effort.
  • Innovation & Learning
    We consistently expand our way of thinking through innovation and continuous learning. By having foresight into the future direction of the global market, we can ensure and provide better service that will meet future market needs.
  • Integrity
    We always care about the quality of products and service we deliver to our customers and business partners to protect their business interest and to ensure their maximum level of satisfaction.
  • Reliability
    We conduct every  aspect  of  our business with  diligence  and always  strive to  do the right thing in the right way
  • Dependability
    We always give high value  to  the trust and faith  that  our customers and business partners   have shown  towards us  and take  full  responsibility for  protecting  their business interest.
  • Commitment
    We shall take a special foot a head in keeping up our promise and fulfilling the contract obligation we made with our customers and suppliers.