How to Add a Chatbot in WordPress Step by Step

How to Add a Chatbot in WordPress Step by Step

8 Best WordPress Chatbots for your Website in 2024 Ranked

best chatbots for wordpress

Chatra is a WordPress chatbot designed to help with sales and is a part of Chatra’s multichannel marketing tool. It offers customizable chatbot templates for lead generation, basic support, checkout assistance, and exit intent messages to reduce abandoned cart rates. They store users’ data and interaction history to offer product recommendations and best offers or suggest any action users need to perform according to their needs. Besides this, if an account login feature is available on a website, chatbots use all the available data of customers to offer a highly-personalized user experience. It will also let you keep track of visitors who are about to leave.

This will open the premade customer service bot template on your screen. Visitors can ask a question and the chatbot will provide an accurate response based on your knowledge base documentation. Once those are ready, you can start to train the AI assistant chatbot on your knowledge base. Similarly, a healthcare chatbot might answer questions about health conditions, provide reminders for appointments, and connect patients with doctors.

All messages and live chat conversations are grouped and available in your panel. You can remove them permanently and clear the live chat history manually if you need. That’s why the tool has FAQ functionality , providing instant answers for customers who are too busy to look for answers on their own. This chatbot provides immediate responses to incoming questions 24/7 and can be used in email, ticket form, chat, social channels, Slack, API or SDK .

OpenAI not working. ChatBot Keeps loading

Most chatbots nowadays benefit from artificial intelligence, which means that the bots use natural language processing or NLP and machine learning to understand what customers exactly mean. It’s crucial to note that WordPress chatbots are user-friendly tools. You use drop-down menus or access chatbot templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch when creating a chatbot for your business needs.

  • The chatbot’s powerful features drive and resolve customer queries instantly and thereby increase customer engagement.
  • Currently the most popular chatbot in Europe, Smartsupp is completely GDPR compliant, meaning all chatbot data is safe and secure.
  • The chat interface is easy to use, making it an ideal AI assistant.
  • This is a simple way to connect readily to your customers, convert those desirable leads, and engage your visitors effectively.

Plus, the custom chatbot, powered by ChatGPT, is trained directly from your knowledge base. This makes it easy to provide accurate and personalized responses based on your particular product or service. Heroic KB, by HeroThemes, is one of the best knowledge base plugins for WordPress. It also comes with a powerful Heroic AI Assistant feature, which lets you easily create a custom chatbot to handle customer inquiries in real-time. You can use a chatbot template or create your own chatbot scenarios based on keywords and customer behavior on your site. It is easy to use and integrate with your eCommerce platform, email marketing, and help desk software.

Businesses of all sizes that are looking for a sales chatbot, especially those that need help qualifying leads and booking meetings. Businesses of all sizes that need a high degree of customization for their chatbots. However, some reviewers have noted that the interface looks outdated and may not be intuitive, especially when it comes to inserting HTML code and manually sending surveys.

Technical Support

It also has a robust mobile app for iOS and Android, so chatbots can connect customers to live reps no matter where they are. Tidio is a free WordPress chatbot plugin that has over a dozen templates for recovering abandoned carts, offering discounts and promotions, and collecting leads. Or, for those who prefer to create their own conversations, Tidio has a drag-and-drop visual editor that allows users to create conversations from scratch. Trigger conversations by defined actions, or customize triggers to reach out at the right moment.

9 Best Chatbot Plugins to Boost Communication on Your WordPress Website – MUO – MakeUseOf

9 Best Chatbot Plugins to Boost Communication on Your WordPress Website.

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Its exit-intent messages aim to prevent visitors from leaving, so they can help businesses convert more sales. It also includes conversation storage for holding important customer conversation history in case reps need to go back and find important information. WP-Chatbot for Messenger is fully integrable with a business’ Facebook page. Users can hold conversations over Facebook messenger or the company’s website widget. The OmniChat™ feature by MobileMonkey allows for chatbot conversations across multiple messaging platforms, and lets users add live chat functions to their website. “Smarty,” Smartsupp’s chatbot, is widely used in Europe and supports conversation in seven different languages.

While it has a high rating of 4.8/5 from over 355 reviews, it may not offer as many advanced features as some of its competitors. The chat widget is customizable to fit your site’s design, including the color, theme, avatar, button type, and position. With copy-and-paste installation, you can add Chat Widget to your website with just a couple of clicks. Overall, ChatBot is a valuable addition to any WordPress website looking to enhance customer engagement and support. Some chatbot platforms offer multi-channel support, allowing customers to reach out through various channels like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Displaying your products through cards and carousels is a simple way for customers to swiftly discover what they seek.

Benefits of adding a WordPress live chat plugin

With WordPress chat plugins, you can further improve the quality of the customer service on your site by helping users address their concerns over live chat and providing support. A chatbot is a computer program that uses a chat interface to talk with your website visitors. It acts just like your customer support team does when they use a live chat plugin. Botsify chatbot plugins can be customized with logos and brand colors so it’s sure to match your brand no matter what channel you’re using. This WordPress chatbot platform is an all-in-one tool for marketing, customer service, and sales.

With Intercom, you can personalize your chatbot’s conversations with customers. You can filter and target customers based on what they do (or don’t do) and you can group them into segments based on their attributes and behavior. You can even integrate it with other chatbot tools if you want more advanced chatbot features.

Facebook integration will assist you in grabbing the attention of a larger quantity of followers by sending and receiving chats directly from the plugin. You can easily understand your customers by observing their patterns and analyzing past conversations from history. This plugin will gather the client’s contact information, so even if they leave, you can always have a way to start again. But be careful—there are tons of options out there, and only some will be the right fit for your business. Seek out vendors with robust support offerings who can help you navigate using your WP chatbot and making the most of your investment.

best chatbots for wordpress

Rather than dig through your site for an answer, many people prefer to simply ask their questions and have an answer delivered to them. But you can’t devote an employee’s entire schedule to sitting around waiting for visitors’ inquiries. This chat plugin for WordPress lets you choose from over 50 templates and enable your website visitors to set up appointments by providing them with a calendar. As customers choose dates, they will automatically get recorded into your Google Calendar.

Plugin installations are usually as simple as a single click, and customization options abound to let you create a bot that speaks to your customers with a voice that represents your brand. A WordPress chatbot is an automated piece of software that can engage customers in conversation. A live-chat plugin, however, involves human customer-facing teams communicating with website customers in real-time.

Great Support

Use this handy tool as a practical means for your website users to save time, improve engagement, generate leads, handle FAQs, showcase your stuff – everything with a single chatbot plugin! It is great as a HelpDesk, Contact Bot or feedback bot to increase user conversions and customer leads. A WordPress chatbot plugin can help streamline customer service and support on your website. However, we recommend using HubSpots’s all-in-one marketing plugin. It integrates seamlessly with your CRM platform and WordPress site and lets you create personalized messages to your customers. This powerful platform offers pre-built chatbots tailored for sales and support, seamlessly enhancing conversions and promptly addressing customers’ frequently asked questions.

best chatbots for wordpress

This feature is even more helpful when showcasing ongoing product discounts. Once a choice is made, the chatbot seamlessly integrates selected items into the cart and provides a concise order summary, streamlining the shopping experience. Chatbots can effectively answer commonly asked customer service questions, reducing the workload of your customer service team and providing quick and accurate responses to customers.

We also allow you to integrate your chatbot onto an unlimited number of websites regardless of which plan you choose. Tumblr and WordPress are reportedly set to strike deals to sell user data to artificial intelligence companies OpenAI and Midjourney. 404 Media reports that the platforms’ parent company, Automattic, is nearing completion of an agreement to provide data to help train the AI companies’ models. There are a few brands that offer them in their free plans (Tidio, JivoChat).

To get started, you need to install and activate the Heroic KB plugin. If you need help, see our tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin. Heroic KB is the best WordPress knowledge base plugin that adds a searchable knowledge base to your existing site. This means that they can only provide answers that you have programmed them for.

WP-Chatbot for Messenger by Mobile Monkey

Reduce support volumes with automated conversations and boost resolution rates by up to 50%. As an avid learner interested in all things tech, Jelisaveta always strives to share her knowledge with others and help people and businesses reach their goals. As you can see, the WordPress live chat app market is quite diverse.

It allows you to communicate your clients by using web and mobile friendly chatbot, Facebook Messenger chatbot, and more. ChatBot is perfect for companies seeking a comprehensive digital assistant for sales and customer care. It works smoothly with’s sister brands— and—providing a whole enterprise support framework.

Oh, and in case the FAQ isn’t enough, the tool allows for human interaction . In addition to being available on the website, Landbot also works on WhatsApp. The main function of Botsify chat is to create communication channels on different channels , mainly on social networks – special emphasis on WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you can sign up first, install the plugin, click the Tidio icon in your WP panel, and then use your Tidio login credentials. In addition to the free plan, you can choose between Plus, for $140/month, or Enterprise (contact required). Have you already published various blogs, articles, pages, call to action, etc., on your website that are beneficial for the users? If yes, it’s time to redirect users to these beneficial resources. Now, we will look at some of the crucial benefits of integrating chatbots into your WordPress website. After creating a WordPress website, you might think your work is over.

It also integrates with the most popular CRMs and email marketing services. Our favorite is Botsonic, which provides many features, including live chat workflows and GPT 4. Tidio is our next top pick because of its cutting-edge conversational AI for engaging new customers and landing more sales. It also has a fallback to connect with live agents and integrates with popular messaging apps.

IBM Watson Assistant (formerly Watson Conversation) is one of the best chatbots for WordPress, as it operates with AI. You can easily teach your bot to help website visitors dig into your product or service better. If you want to upgrade, it will cost you $100/month for the “Lite” plan, $200/month for the “Advanced”, and custom pricing for “Enterprise”.

Some of them do not offer free plans at all (Intercom, LiveChat, Formilla). If you’re planning on using bots, start with rule-based ones, have a look at our guide to making a chatbot. Formilla is not the most popular WordPress chat solution, but it has many good reviews. It also offers some original best chatbots for wordpress ways of customizing its appearance by allowing you to directly edit the CSS code. You can add extra features by connecting LiveChat with other apps powered by the company, which makes it perfect for big companies. Some of them are billed separately and come with their own dashboards.

Just select the chatflow you want to use and then click the ‘Continue in HubSpot’ button to move forward. To do this, visit the HubSpot » Live Chat page from the WordPress dashboard and click the ‘Create chatflow’ button. Once you’ve provided your details and set a password for your new account, HubSpot will ask you about the industry that you work in. Upon activation, you need to visit the HubSpot menu tab from the WordPress admin sidebar and enter your email address to create a HubSpot account. First, you will need to install and activate the HubSpot plugin on your website.

In this article, we will share the best WordPress chat plugins that will help you communicate with your users. Next, click on the ‘Main Menu’ bot response tab to open the block prompt. Here, you can add buttons for all the services that your chatbot can offer using the Button block. If you have an online store, then you can also use a chatbot to find out about a customer’s interests and ask them about their needs.

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Doing this will open up a page where you can upload the plugin’s zip file or search for it directly using its name or author. Secondly, you can visit the WordPress dashboard section and find the most suitable plugin per your needs. For the same, you should check out all the features & functionalities, support, etc.

You can take a Lite package for free, pay $140/a month for the Plus package, or discuss individual conditions with the team. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and your email address will NOT be published. Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi with over 16 years of experience in WordPress, Web Hosting, eCommerce, SEO, and Marketing. Started in 2009, WPBeginner is now the largest free WordPress resource site in the industry and is often referred to as the Wikipedia for WordPress. They offer a free 14-day trial (no credit card required) which helps you try it out before choosing a paid plan.

MyAlice will connect all social platforms and website tallies in a single place with the purpose you don’t need to switch between tabs to respond to customers from different platforms. It will also simplify your work by placing customer interactions in a single box, such as the ordering process, order canceling, order updates, etc. Not to forget, you can constantly monitor your agent’s conversion quality and conversion rates; measure the performance of your customer service teams. It enables you to customize your chatbox according to your WordPress theme and even allows you to add a contact form to the widget. This can help your support team collect customer data so that they can contact users at a later date or build an email list.

best chatbots for wordpress

Many business owners are satisfied with the results of their chatbots. With customizable images, buttons, quick replies, and many other features, you can create a bot with a unique personality to deliver a bolder and more human-like chatbot experience. These chatbots will be able to learn and adapt based on user interactions, making them increasingly effective over time.

best chatbots for wordpress

Who would have thought that a WordPress chatbot or any other chatbot could help with education? For example, a wp chatbot can help education institutes by answering questions about university or school requirements. Sales teams cannot be available 24/7, and here’s a good reason why a WordPress chatbot – wp chatbot – is excellent for your business. A WordPress chatbot for marketing teams can help provide insights into visitors’ habits and information about which marketing techniques work and which fail. Before we talk about the best WordPress chatbot (wp chatbot) for your site, let’s start from the beginning and introduce you to the world of chatbots. From time to time, we would like to contact you about our products and services, as well as other content that may be of interest to you.

Three of the best WordPress chat plugins are Tidio, HubSpot, and Join.Chat. WordPress doesn’t provide a chatbot but you can add that functionality to your website with a plugin. This technology can help you write content for your pages, chat with visitors, and even create your own plugins. The ten plugins we’ll present you here have plenty of features, as well as free plans to get you started.

You can also create text responses for the ChatBot using the Simple Text Responses feature inside the WordPress dashboard. If you are interested in the progress and development of this WordPress ChatBot plugin and have any feedback to make it better, please leave a comment in the support forum. ++ Upgrade to WPBot Pro to power your ChatBot with OpenAI (ChatGPT) fine tuning options. This ChatBot for WordPress can work in Natural Language Processing Mode and Button Menu Driven Mode or a Combination of both. Our free eBooks and easy-to-follow checklists will have your website fully optimized in just a few hours.

Chatbase’s apart is its ability to train ChatGPT on your data, which is about as easy as you could ask for it to be. By simply uploading a document or adding a link to your website, you can create a chatbot that can answer any question about the content. This feature enhances the user experience and provides a unique way to engage with your audience. Easily set up your AI bot using their chatbot templates and start serving customers with AI-powered product suggestions, package tracking, FAQ answers, and more.

Botpress is an open-source conversational AI platform especially built for developers. It comes with a drag-and-drop visual builder from which developers can choose pre-built conversation flows and widgets and customize them according to their needs. Moreover, it comes with 4 pre-built templates that you can use to build chatbots.

The IBM chatbot acts as a customer service assistant, focused on optimizing processes. Tidio’s chatbot, in addition to offering live chat , has virtual support with artificial intelligence (AI), enabling the company to respond to any channel in one place. You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. Currently chatbots can work through artificial intelligence , automated rules, natural language processing or machine learning.

Before we jump into the list of plugins, let’s check out the advantages that come with using them. Chatbots should be widely used as it is of importance of both the ones using the website and for the ones whose website is being used. Businesses of all sizes that use Salesforce and need a chatbot to help them get the most out of their CRM. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. Most of our powerful features are available in the free forever plan.

This is a simple way to connect readily to your customers, convert those desirable leads, and engage your visitors effectively. HubSpot unifies all necessary marketing and business tools into one place so that your online business runs smoother. As providing customer support is also a part of running a successful business, HubSpot has brought you an excellent live chat feature.

That said, it takes time for them to pick up the nuances of human language. It responds immediately and provides multiple answer choices for users to select from. Based on the guest’s selection, it routes them to the right information or team member to complete their request. Using Clingeo’s Chatbot you can easily capture the lead’s data, interact with them accordingly and easily convert them into potential buyers. The chatbot can automate conversations where the questions are repeated more often.

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