5 ways to develop intuition

5 ways to develop intuition

Intuition will help to be in the right place at the right place, find the best solutions to problems, avoid dangerous situations. Everyone has it, and this is a skill that can and should be developed. But how exactly?

“Take an umbrella!” – the” Inner voice “is heard when leaving the apartment. Mentally dismiss the “Council”: “Why? On the street the sun “. “But I knew that it would rain,” you recall in the evening, cringing under the streams of a downpour and fearfully jumping away puddles. After all, intuition warned. How to accustom yourself to listen and hear it?

Intuition is our innate gift. But it is difficult to hear it if you are distracted by external stimuli and do not devote time to the study of your inner world. The quiet voice of intuition is lost when there are many tasks for us, when emotions are covered in the head of a mishmash of thoughts.

But intuition can be trained.

Intuition loves silence

To begin with, it is useful to learn how to stop the internal dialogue. To do this, you can use one of the following techniques.

  • Written practice. If you can’t get rid of the annoying “word mixers”, begin to write down everything that comes to mind. It is not for nothing that there is a practice of keeping diaries – this is a kind of psychotherapy. After all, paper can be entrusted with what you will not tell everyone. Regular practice helps to better understand yourself, more clearly express thoughts, develop creative abilities, improve concentration.
  • Jiburysh. This dynamic meditation is a wonderful way to free oneself from obsessive thoughts and suppressed feelings. Just open your mouth and begin to make meaningless sounds, pretending to speak an unfamiliar language. At the same time, let the body move as he wants, allowing yourself to express all the accumulated emotions. After 15-20 minutes of such speaking, the brain will be freed from mental debris.
  • Exercise stress. The body is created for movement. When the body gets tired and relaxes, the mental stream also becomes less saturated. To stop the internal dialogue, a run or fast walking, squats or even cleaning the apartment is suitable.
  • Spontaneous dances. With the help of spontaneous movements, you can relieve internal stress, turn off your head, free yourself from negativity, stiffness and uncertainty;relax. Turn on the music that you like, cover your eyes, direct your attention inside yourself. Try to feel how energy flows inside. And move the way your body wants.
  • Art Therapy. Classes such as drawing, modeling, sand therapy, help harmonize the internal state, relieve stress, anxiety, get rid of internal blocks. Art Therapy allows you to tame the “internal dragons”, to establish a connection with the subconscious. Combine all these methods, and you will learn how to control the streams of thoughts.

The art of asking yourself the right questions

To get the correct answer, you need to ask your intuition a specific question. Avoid vague formulations. For example, the question “can I make a lot of money?”Too general. “A lot” is how much? And do you have any ideas about what exactly you are ready to do? It is better to ask yourself: “What work should I choose to earn 100,000 rubles?”

Instead of “Will I get married?»You can formulate a request for intuition as follows:“ What should I do to find a partner with whom I will be happy?”

Intuition training

1st method. Reading information

In a crowded place, choose one person and reflect – what he is doing, is interested in what his marital status, state of health is, what he prefers to eat and drink. Try to understand what emotions he is now experiencing, and even – what he thinks about. I can’t “count”? Come up with it! Even if you never know the truth, this exercise will help to develop empathy and intuition. And if you reinstall intuition on new acquaintances, then you can ask them how true your guesses are. Over time, you can easily tune in to the “information channels” and receive reliable data.

2nd method. Automatic letter

Great technique to get direct access to the subconscious. Make sure that nothing distracts you. Tune in to work and mentally contact yourself: “My subconscious, I ask you, help me find the answer to my question”. Write down your question and all the answers that will come to mind. Do not edit, do not re -read, just write down. Try to feel as if you are just watching your hand. You can write clarifying questions in the process, conduct a dialogue with the unconscious.

3rd method. Conversation with the heart

Not so long ago, scientists have found that the heart has its own “brain” (something like the internal nervous system). There is a theory that the “command post” of our consciousness is in the heart. Close your eyes and imagine for several minutes that you are breathing through your heart. When you feel peacefulness and love, ask your question and wait for the answer.

4th method. Meditation

This practice calms, relieves stress, redirects attention inward, activates the subconscious. Ask the goal of getting information about the near future in one way or another. First, select something simple. For example, that you will eat for lunch or how you will spend the evening. After remembering what you have “saw” in meditation, and compare with what actually happened. So you can learn to distinguish the imagination from the voice of intuition.

5th method. Work with dreams

We can “order” our dreams with the right clues and solutions. Put the pen and paper by the bed in advance. At the time of falling asleep, give yourself the team: “Today I will have a dream that will tell you a solution for my problem (say which one). I will remember and understand him “. Often, after such a team, a person wakes up in the middle of the night with a ready answer. At this moment, you need to write down what I saw in a dream, otherwise you can no longer remember this in the morning. If you still forgot, then repeat the process, and so on before getting the result.

Everyone can develop intuition and find contact with their subconscious. You only need a little patience, perseverance and practice.

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